Seed Division

HottiServe Seed division is an evolving department. Currently we perform variety screening and evaluation trials for seed distributors and breeders. Screening is carried out in line with growers’ goals and market requirements both locally and internationally. Our variety screening trials are carried out in-house as well as on semi commercial and commercial scale depending on the clients requirements and stage of development.

We have carried out several successful trials that have led to the commercialization of various vegetable seed (Tomatoes, Pepper, Cabbage, Cucumber and French Beans) in the Kenyan market.

HottiServe is also in the process of seeking accreditation by the Kenya Plant Health and Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) to carry out seed development and production, a service that will highly compliment the ongoing activities we have with farming communities registered with our organization. HottiServe has adequate and located across the country that will facilitate the breeding of ideal crop varieties suited to specific regions thereby fulfilling Kenya’s Vision 2030 need for a food secure nation. Our Seed department has highly qualified and experienced Agronomists and personnel who are conversant with matter related to Seed development, Production and variety screening and evaluation.

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