About Us

Hottiserve East Africa is an Agro based Contract Research and Social Economic Enterprise located in Nairobi, Kenya. We are involved in the development of new products and services, which impact the economic and technological growth and sustainability of the agricultural and staple food sector of the East African region.

In addition to our Contract research portfolio, HottiServe endeavors to develop horticultural production enterprises and create market linkages for small holder growers that give them a fair profit and is economically sustainable. We do this through the introduction of high impact crops that have value addition to supplement their domestic food requirements, with the aim of creating thriving, robust and sustainable rural economies.

Our core services include:

  • Contract Research for registration of crop protection products, research and development of seeds and Field demonstration trials, for innovator companies and/or their distributors.
  • Technology transfer of affordable and environmentally sustainable crop production and post harvest technologies and services.
  • Crop Protection Services
  • Agronomic Services
  • Field Planning Services
  • Community Horticultural Enterprise Development and creation of market linkages for small holder growers.

The departments within our Organization complement each other and have passionate, professional and experienced staff to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to serve our clients. HottiServe works in partnership with like-minded organizations and stakeholders in the industry, committed to environmental sustainability, food security and sustainable economic empowerment of farming communities.

Our activities are guided by standard operating procedures that have been meticulously developed over the years with input from the Directors and staff and in collaboration with our partners to ensure quality management practices and service delivery to our clients and the farming community.

HottiServe’s vast experience in working with farmers has enabled us partner with

  • Seed companies
  • Small holder farmers and Medium to Large scale land owners
  • Breeders
  • Private Invesgtors
  • NGO’s


To be the leading services and solutions provider in the horticultural and staple food sector of the agriculture industry in East Africa, empowering farming communities through the adoption of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.


Our mission as HottiServe is to empower farming communities through the development and transfer of innovative products, technologies and services that are environmentally sustainable and deliver superior, measurable values both privately and in partnership with other stakeholders in the industry at an affordable price.

Core Values:

Service with integrity, Community and environmental responsibility and creating wealth through partnerships.

Seed Division

HottiServe Seed division is an evolving department. Currently we perform variety screening and evaluation trials for seed distributors and breeders. Screening is carried out in line with growers’ goals and market requirements both locally and internationally. Our variety screening trials are carried out in-house as well as on semi commercial and commercial scale depending on the clients requirements and stage of development.

We have carried out several successful trials that have led to the commercialization of various vegetable seed (Tomatoes, Pepper, Cabbage, Cucumber and French Beans) in the Kenyan market.

HottiServe is also in the process of seeking accreditation by the Kenya Plant Health and Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) to carry out seed development and production, a service that will highly compliment the ongoing activities we have with farming communities registered with our organization. HottiServe has adequate and located across the country that will facilitate the breeding of ideal crop varieties suited to specific regions thereby fulfilling Kenya’s Vision 2030 need for a food secure nation. Our Seed department has highly qualified and experienced Agronomists and personnel who are conversant with matter related to Seed development, Production and variety screening and evaluation.