Crop Production Technologies

This deparment works closely with the Crop Protection and Seed Division, and is fully involved in the identification and transfer of affordable new/improved technologies, crop inputs and services, that are key to the sustainability and growth of robust rural economies in Africa. We uphold the belief that through research and development, farming communities can experience future growth through the adoption and assimilation of these improved inputs and technologies that enhance their crop production practices and out puts. HottiServe collaborates with firms introducing new technologies through provision of Contract Field Extension services. We provide field technical support and sensitization on correct use of new crop input/technology and set up field demonstration sites where farmers are able to observe and be educated on the benefits of adopting the new technologies available. Such interventions include amongst oters, the adoption of

  • Higher yielding varieties,
  • Promoting the use of seed technologies that improve seed vigour, and seed coating to reduce the need of foliar crop protection products.
  • Efficient use of soil, water and nutrients, to increase productivity through intensive agricultural production.
  • Post harvest handling technologies.

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