Field Planning Services

Over the years we have gathered expertise in crop planning from our experience working with various growers and crops in the field. HottiServe recognizes the importance of planning production, to mitigate against losses in income, yield and quality of crop associated with seasons and poor planning. There are three types of Field planning services we offer our clients and growers.

Crop Planning Guides

We prepare crop planning guides where needed to help growers estimate their costs of producing various crops. Due to variation in costs and yield on each farm, more accurate crop planning guides are provided upon request taking into consideration the growers’ amount of equipment, inputs and agronomic practices used. These planning guides help farmers estimate incomes and costs of production for the different crops they intend to plant.

Crop Rotation Guides

We prepare seasonal and annual crop rotation plans for growers that guide them on where to plant their crops. This helps the growers avoid major problems related to pests, diseases, weeds and nutrition that is associated with haphazard planting.

Crop Scheduling

We assists farmers in scheduling their plantings in line with market demands, thus preventing seasons of over/under supply whilst ensuring year round supply of produce. We study existing market trends as well as consult with the growers regarding their markets in order to achieve seamless supply of produce.

Crop Protection Services

HottiServe East Africa Limited, strives to support small holder farmers through the provision of services such as

  • Preparation of Spray programs that are tailor-made to the prevailing local conditions of the Growers.
  • Spray services: HottiServe has a Spray Service Provider team who are trained in the safe and effective use and handling of pesticides. Our Field sprayers are stationed at the centres amongst the farming communities we partner with. We understand that small holder farmers may sometimes not be in a position to purchase certain pesticides that are effective in the control of difficult pests and diseases due to financial constraints and inability to access inputs that are highly effective but in package sizes that are highly priced. HottiServe provides support by purchasing the product on behalf of the farmer and charging a cost for target spraying that is more affordable than having to purchase an entire package.
  • Scouting, Pest and disease identification services for better control and management of the identified problem. HottiServe has a database of information and pictures of pests and diseases that attack crops commonly grown by farming communities. This database in combination with support from ICIPE, KALRO and Agro input manufacturers enable us provide invaluable support to farmers.