Community Department

The HottiServe Community Enterprise Development Department’s activities are geared towards the provision of:

  • Agronomic field support services
  • Development of horticultural production enterprises and
  • Creation of market linkages for the smallholder growers

HottiServe has identified several locations across the country, and plans are underway to set up Resource centres to serve the farming communities we work with. These centres aim to provide invaluable information and services required by growers in their day to day field operations and also act as produce delivery, grading and pre-processing centres. These will be expanded to include other regions within East Africa. Our goal is to ensure that the Smallholder growers achieve high quality produce/product(s) that will guarantee a fair profit, through:

  • The use of appropriate Agronomic interventions highlighted in the CPT Division
  • Value addition; by setting up of economically feasible processing plants at community level where our Resource centres are located.

At HottiServe, we target crops that favour value addition and strive to balance this with domestic and local food production requirements of the rural community, so that food security is not compromised. To ensure food security is preserved, we stipulate in our operations with the small holder growers that a portion of their land is reserved under crop production. These should be planted with food crops (under our supervision) at all times as a prerequisite to grow crop that require value addition. These value added crops include but are not limited to:

  1. Seed and grain production of improved cereals, pulses and other staples, in partnership with Breeders and Seed Companies ad food processors and markets.
  2. Moringa Oleifera for processing of dry leaf powder (as a nutritional additive and health suppliment) and Moringa Oil (for use in the cosmetic industry and cooking)
  3. Stevia production for processing into stevia powder that is used as a sweetener in the beverage, soft drinks and sugar industry.
  4. Bio fuel/Bio energy crops

HottiServe strongly believes that, value addition on crops through the set up of processing plants (mini or large scale) at the village level will spur economic activity in these areas to levels unprecedented, through job creation and also mitigate against problems related to rural urban migration. This CAN be achieved through proper planning and commitment that takes into account and balances the food security concerns of the poor and the country at large.

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